About us

Ziel ist es, unseren Fahrgäste einen unvergesslichen Tag zu bieten. Sie sollen vom Alltag abschalten können und mit uns eine Zeitreise in die 1970er Jahre erleben, attraktive Ziele inklusive.

Since 2000 we are organizing the trips regularly and we founded Westfalendampf on the 1st March 2003. In the first years we organized trips with short distances and a low speed. These trains had old passenger cars with two axes and wooden seats. Now we usually travel with comfortable cars of former express trains, with a higher speed and with longer distances. Beside the great steam locomotives we travel sometimes with Diesel- and Electric-locomotives. With the profit we support the repair of the historic locomotives and the repair of the historic cars.

It is our aim to give you the feeling of travelling in the 1970s and to spend a relaxed day. And the destinations are always attractive.


Our Members

  1. Thomas Wermers

    Thomas Wermers

    Organisation, Marketing, Reiseleitung, Presse
  2. Heike Lührmann

    Heike Lührmann

    Fahrkartenversand, Büro, Service
  3. Peter Kohlstedte

    Peter Kohlstedte

  4. Wolfgang Wilken

    Wolfgang Wilken

    Service, Theke
  5. Torsten Zirpel

    Torsten Zirpel

    Video, facebook
  6. Matthias Joosten

    Matthias Joosten

  7. Mirko Folkerts

    Mirko Folkerts

    Organisation Zugbegleitteam, Zugführer
  8. Simon Wilken

    Simon Wilken

  9. Burkhard Beckers

    Burkhard Beckers

    Technik, DJ
  10. Tobias Fasen

    Tobias Fasen

  11. Kai Schimmel

    Kai Schimmel

  12. David Pocher

    David Pocher

  13. Albert Büker

    Albert Büker

    Fahrgastbetreuung, Service
  14. Gaby Weniger

    Gaby Weniger

    Service, Theke
  15. Jannik Mählmann

    Jannik Mählmann

  16. Hermann Mollenhauer

    Hermann Mollenhauer

    Service, Theke
  17. Heiner Becker

  18. Klaus Meyer

    Klaus Meyer

    Service, englische Homepage
  19. Sebastian Bauer

    Betriebliche Belange, Zugführer
  20. Ole Zirpel

    Ole Zirpel

  21. Anita Floer

  22. Thilo Floer



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